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Genuine Confidence

Regular servicing is the key to the long-term performance, efficiency, and safety of your Mazda. Keeping the Zoom-Zoom factor at its peak is made easy, convenient, and worry-free through Mazda Genuine Service.

Mazda servicing ensures your vehicle is in safe hands with our Mazda Service Technicians. The facilities at City Mazda are set up to provide the best possible protection of your valuable investment, so you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Mazda Genuine Service.


Genuine Parts

We only use parts made for Mazda, by Mazda.


Ongoing maintenance plan

Preserve your vehicle’s value with a tailored service schedule.


Software Updates

Updating your Mazda with the latest driver technologies.


A Full Health Check

Our unique Modular Diagnostic system tests your vehicles vital functions.


Why Service With Us

  • Easy online bookings
  • Highly trained service advisors
  • Mazda Service Technicians – factory trained to our national standards
  • Driveway concierge & valet service
  • Quick-Smart Servicing*
  • Mazda Vision
  • FREE Mazda loan cars offered daily for convenience & flexibility
  • Customer lounge
  • Customer amenities i.e, Barista Coffee, Selection of Teas, Cold Beverages, and Snacks
  • Free WIFI

A Little More Insight

Quick-Smart Servicing*

When time is short, a Quick-Smart Mazda Genuine Service is the answer. Fast and convenient, it’s a service completed by two factory trained Mazda technicians working in tandem to get you back on the road sooner.

With less waiting around, it makes your life easier by ensuring your vehicle is ready faster.

Mazda Vision

At City Mazda, we use the power of technology to provide the ultimate peace of mind for all of our service customers, with the use of Mazda Vision.

During any applicable service or at your request, our service technicians will share a video that outlines necessary repairs or advise on the general health of your vehicle. We pride ourselves on providing a transparent service by giving you information that most other Service Departments would not provide.

If we flag any issues with your vehicle, we will provide you with a Mazda Vision video, a detailed description of the issue, costs of repairs, the estimated time to fix repairs, and have one of our team make contact before any work/repair is conducted.

Health Check

Mazda’s feature the latest technology to deliver leading performance, drivability, efficiency, and safety. The Mazda Modular Diagnostic System (M-MDS) is the only system designed to electronically check all the vital functions of your Mazda under real driving conditions, for the most accurate analysis of its performance.

Peace of mind

Servicing your Mazda as per the Mazda Maintenance Program at an authorised Mazda Service Centre gives you peace of mind knowing that the maintenance or repair is performed as Mazda intended. It also helps to maintain the future value of your Mazda.

For further information please contact our friendly Service Team for assistance with any enquiry regarding your Mazda vehicle.

The city Mazda team wishes you safe and pleasant motoring.

We understand, sometimes servicing your car can get pushed down to the bottom of your priority list. With the cost of living continuously putting pressure on the everyday Australian, sometimes Servicing Your Car just doesn’t fit into the financial equation. At City Mazda, we offer a Service Now, Pay Later* payment option that will help make this task more manageable and easier on the pocket. To find out more about our Service Now, Pay Later option as well as Terms and Conditions, please speak to one of our Service Advisors when you Book Your Next Service.